Importance of Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are fundamental to drive awareness and popularity for brands. After the Google updates social rank has become vital for search engine rankings, and therefore brands are on the lookout for social media influencers in their industry. It’s important not to confuse influencers with the audience you can have in a particular network. Having a sizeable number of followers in Facebook or Twitter will raise awareness of your brand, yet in order to have proper actions taken by the followers there is a need for the influencers to promote your likes and Twits.

Influencers make an impact on social media

Influencers impact Social media positively

Chances are you’ve heard of the social media influencers when it comes to promote your brand online.  For those who are just starting I will explain that this is a person or group of people, usually experts in a particular subject, which have gained recognition and credibility through their actions on Social Media. These actions include: frequent posts and of good quality, say what they think, and overall exerting personal persuasion. The influence is achieved by adding a personal brand, trust and experience.

Social media influencers can be:

Bloggers: those who are able to convince other people to create content and interaction, as their posts fly through the social media space.
Twitter users: People, who share, respond, simply generating content and Twitting replies and re-Tweets.
Facebookers: people sharing on Facebook themes that are interesting to them, causing “likes”, comments and overall serious attention.

It is particularly important to know how these affect and define the ROI.

The influencers can play an important role in your brand, due to users relying on influencers at the time of purchase; need advice or making a decision for a service, product or brand. The more influential, more impact can build on the success of a business. Instead you have to ask: how much time, effort and money spending on those who have influence with our brand messages can I spend in the hopes of spreading the information of my product or service? Is this an effective way to leverage my time?
It is important to identify the influencers in social media; you can collaborate on your brand strategy in the different social platforms.

How to identify key influencers of your brand?

Key platforms known for their online influence measurement.
Here’s a small summary:

Klout, your main goal is to build a deeper understanding of personal influence and gauge online influence others on the web. Not for a long, Klout offers a new service called Klout for Business. Businesses receive complementary analytical reflecting as and where are the influencers creating engagement with your brand.

Kred, lets you know the influence of users using an index based on their publications, scope and impact, and creating a record activity on other platforms.

Ecairn: was created to identify the leading influencers, and  relevant conversations related to your brand.

How do you identify influencers for your brand?

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