Marketingquery is a website devoted to  Business and Entrepreneurial News. There is plenty of insight about the latest trends around small business, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.
Some sections of the site are also devoted to provide information about Business marketing, including organic marketing, PPC and social media. Online marketing can be a daunting task, but it can be done properly just by reading and grasping some basic concepts.

 All in all, this site will let you know more about:

Businesss and Entrepreneurs

Business and Entrepreneurs ideas and trends. Find the latest news, expert advice, and growth strategies for small business owners. There are a wide range of articles about working life, and how to achieve business success operating on a shoestring.

Social Media in Business

Social Media-Viral Marketing Trends. If you want to engage with your target audience, it is paramount to have a social media strategy, in order to be part of the buzz, and therefore allowing your business to grow its reach. There are some tips on how to tailor and personalise content, to engage and also establish a relationship with your audience in networks and virtual communities.The key is to embrace several network communities, such as, Facebook and Twitter, so as to gauge the effectiveness of you campaings.

Business Marketing

Free Organic Marketing tips which will make your site rank higher in SERPs and bring more qualified traffic.There are a wide variety of articles covering the meaning of SEO,  on-page optmisation, link building, how to deal with copywriting and keyword research. The main aim is to make your site more search engine friendly.  This information is extremelly important, not only as free advice to help small business which can’t afford seo services, but also bloggers or readers who got a keen interest on the subject.  PPC advertising tips: Internet advertising to bring qualified traffic to your site. Success of a PPC campaign is rooted in the bidding of on the keywords your business relates to.

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