Visitor Retention with Website traffic and Social Media tracking

Website traffic and Social Media tracking-Watch them!

Digital mVisitor Retnetionedia has simplified the dialogue with customers. Inquisitive customers can discover more about the company and products thanks to the use of the Internet.  Direct marketing on-line is used to offer information to customers, providing newsletters, catalogues and other vehicles in order to make the add value to the product. Keeping an eye on the traffic of your site, especially your returning visitors, and the feedback obtained in social media is vital for visitor retention.

Visitor retention has been regarded as the first and foremost strategy in today’s business and therefore many organisations in the UK invested heavily in programs perceived to be customer focused.

Website traffic can give a clear picture of what you visitors like to read, and the interaction the want to have. Interact with them, and keep track of all your social media to address any problems might arise on your dealings.

Why is visitor retention so important? The rationale behind customer retention is the lead to a higher profitability. A 5% increase in customer retention can trigger an increase in customer net present value between 25% and 95%.  Consequently, maintaining long-term relationships is paramount for businesses as customers, in the same way as products, have a life-cycle that firms should manage if they are to achieve their lifetime value. What is more, retained customers can be grown in value over time and be moved up the loyalty ladder from suspect to an ultimately advocate status.

There is a need to devise new strategies aimed at engaging the customer on an ongoing relationship and here is Website traffic and Social Media tracking come into their own.

Enhance the communication with visitors and Add value to their Experience thanks to Social media, information, feedback and control at individual level can be achieved and therefore, Social media tracking is the medium for interacting in a meaningful dialogue between the firm and the consumer, enabling the consumer to have a say in the product and the marketing message. We can assume that the individual addressable media is the best media for retention.  Companies should adopt a strategy of regular communication to existing customers.

Communications are of high quality and create value for the customer in order to enhance loyalty.

Not only can create value for existing customers, but also enhance the ties with the consumer and keep the relationship alive.

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