Using social media in Job Hunting

Every day more companies are flocking to social networks in order to fill a job, either directly to get their jobs to potential candidates, or for information of the candidates prior to their recruitment.

The use of social media by companies to find workers continues to increase. Especially when selecting people for positions of some significance or qualified vacancies.

Using social media in Job Hunting

Using social media in Job Hunting

Here are some facts:

  • 92% of companies already use or plan to use social networks to select future employees
  • 43% of companies using social networks have seen an increase in the quality of candidates
  • 73% of companies have selected the final candidate through a social network

What must we do to seize the opportunities offered by social networks in finding work or improving our employment status?

Presence on social networks:

First and foremost is to have a presence on social networks. We should be present at least in general social networks like Facebook and twitter, and especially in professional networks, such as, LinkedIn. It is also advisable when using social media in job hunting to look if there is any specific social network related to our professional profile. For example, if we look for a job as a photographer, we should look if any professional photographer’s social network will give us high exposure and we could actively participate in it.

Updated profiles:

You need to keep your profile updated in each of the social networks you participate if you want to get a job thanks to these platforms. This includes our professional profile or CV, even more so if we have published online a previous one. Do you have a blog? Keep it updated.

Be very careful when designing the profile’s privacy, especially your professional profiles. We do not want the hiring manager of a company in which we want to work looking at the embarrassing pictures of the year. Add a photo where your face is clearly visible. The picture you put in your profile will add authenticity and inspire confidence.

Online Reputation: Undoubtedly one of the main subjects

The first thing you have to do is see what’s posted online about you. What the company is thinking about hiring you after seeing your profile. Check post and previous comments you were able to do in blogs or forums in the past, if you had posted something that may hurt your reputation or it is controversial.

Try to make acquaintances, friends and persons or companies with whom you have previously worked to comment, or write about your professionalism and expertise. This will greatly improve your online reputation, and help you better position yourself ahead of getting the job you are looking for.

How do you do this? You can write a post on your blog about some of the work you’ve done or participated in, and ask your colleagues, bosses, etc. to make any comments; you can ask them to write on your Facebook profile about your qualities as a person, recommendations on LinkedIn, etc.

You can also write tweets about activities that you develop, professional or not, that add value to your person. For example, if you do some volunteer work, post and ask your followers to RT. They all contribute to increase your online presence and improve your online reputation.

If you have letters, emails of recommendation, or appreciation for any work done on your blog, post them on your professional profile.

Active job search:

Do not just look and reply to job offers posted on social networks or post on your Facebook wall, or tweets. At the end of the day you are looking for a job, and therefore you have to be constant and regular on your search, going beyond the obvious jobs that everyone can see

The best time to find employment through social networking is doing it subtly. Better not use expressions like looking for a job, or need a job. Try to expand your network of contacts using social networks where you’re present, with people who can help you find the job you want.

Be very careful when looking for a new job if you are already working, as privacy is really important. An employer can see your current company and can create you problems, except, of course, we use it as a strategy for our company to know that we are thinking of changing jobs, and thereby achieve some improvement in our work situation: pay raise, promotion, etc.(the cheeky way)

If you are unemployed, best is take action and make an active search. If you are interested in working in a particular company, follow them on twitter and become a fan of their Facebook page and try to get into conversation. The same applies if our interest is focused on a particular sector. In this case it is best to join groups, forums, etc. where related topics are discussed. The important thing is to let us see and participate in discussions providing value, etc.

Start with the social network where you unwrap best, and have a greater presence. Review your current contacts to see if any contact can serve with a company in which you are interested in working.

Try to find people who can be of help when your CV is taken into account in the companies in which you are interested in working. Looking to reach them through your current contacts or establishing new ones.

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