Tweets in the Google search results

What has to have a tweet to be indexed by Google?

tweets making the serps

Not all tweets are equally important for Google. Getting a space in the Google search results is the challenge that all brands face; especially if it is the top positions.

To do this, we strive to generate all types of content, in order to help them take precedence in the SERPs, including social outcomes. It is known by all that Google has given its social network, Google+, certain privileges, which lead articles and news to appear in the search results. But it’s not the first time we met results from Twitter in the first pages of the search engine.

Indeed, the search results include articles and news from the micro blogging platform and although it is still unrepresentative and exclusive, it should be considered.

Tweets in the Google search results

There are 2 basic ways for tweets to appear in the Google search results: the number of followers and content of the message.

Number of Twitter followers to have content indexed

The greater the number of followers, the more likely to appear in the search results. Thus, the accounts that bind between 1 and 3 million followers get 30% indexing of their content, while those with a community of 10,000 to 500,000 followers do not exceed the 4%. Definitely, Google size matters. More than half of the posts indexed by Google are with a direct applicable percentage of accounts with more than 5 million followers. The main part here is to be active accounts, regularly updated and maintaining a conversation with the followers.

Content of the Message to have content indexed

But quantity is not the only factor that Google considers when indexing Twitter content. The fact that the tweets include links to relevant news or websites is a plus. Also tweets with inbound links are also worth to consider. 1 in 4 of indexed messages included such links.

In short, being an account of authority, able to impact a staggering number of followers; with the aim of providing valuable information, updated in real-time are differential factors that constitute an open door for Google, leading to their inclusion in their search results.

It is not the first time we can confirm how the premium quality of the information makes all the difference for Google and Twitter. Earlier this month we reported on the decision by Google to begin to include tweets in its alert system.

Thereafter, Google will have the ability to show tweets in Google Public Alerts; a service that collects the most relevant news and issues of the day, categorised by language, proximity or date.

Google, the leading search engine worldwide, which claims to be the main source of information, can no longer deny the obvious: Twitter is the most effective way and provide a conducive environment to disseminate real-time news.

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