SMEs satisfied with the potential of Twitter

SMEs and Twitter

SMEs have grown increasingly satisfied with the potential of Twitter. Small and midsize companies have found in Twitter a great ally to boost their business. According to the study published by Bigcommerce, 6 of 10 customers have purchased from one of these SMEs, through their activity on Twitter.

SMEs and Twitter

SMEs satisfied with the potential of Twitter

After the reduction of the scope of organic reach publications on Facebook, companies have changed course in social media, turning to twitter as a new horizon to promote their business. The result of this strategic shift, about half of SMEs have discovered Twitter; a platform where this interest has begun turning a profit.

According to the study, these companies have seen an increase in the ROI of their strategy, up to 53 times higher for follower in the case of jewellery and the clothing sector, or 21 times if we turn our attention to the field of sports and entertainment, and 14 times for B2B companies.

Twitter encourages brand engagement and interaction

Not surprisingly, 73% of clients showed a greater bias toward the company, following their activity on Twitter. Also, 86% plan to buy products from those SMEs which are followed on Twitter. On the other hand, Twitter has also demonstrated its ability to attract new customers. According Quicksprout, 82% of the leads generated by social networks come from Twitter.

In addition to these benefits, small businesses have been able to observe how customers began to follow them, in order to learn more about the company and their products (40%), or to seek help and advice (39%). We cannot forget the potential of Twitter as a way to encourage brand engagement and facilitate direct and bidirectional connection.

For this reason, 76% of twitter supporters have occasionally decided to connect directly with these companies through the microblogging platform. A sample approach to which, if the organization has been able to respond in a timely manner, will be managed to gain their clients maintaining the expectations expected. No less than 90% of customers who have received a positive experience from an approach on Twitter, has shown a greater predisposition towards the brand.

Also, more than half of respondents (54%) carried out some action regarding the mentions of the brand. 23% went to the corporate website, while another 20% wanted more information on the own Twitter profile of the company. Meanwhile, 19% decided to try the brand as a result of seeing a tweet about it.

To promote its effectiveness, Twitter launched a program to help SMEs make the most of the platform, in addition to having been extended its advertising services to more countries. Twitter has much to say to small businesses, and they are willing to listen as long as the interaction keeps following its flow.

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