Small Business using social networks for Customer experience

Managing customer through online means is not confined exclusively to manage complaints and claims. Reaching the customer through social networking is more than keeping updated profiles at Facebook, or Twitter. Guests are close to brands through social media in search of a useful, quick and effective response.

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The Keys of the customer in Social Media

Managing customer online, and in social networks means is not confined exclusively to manage complaints and claims, but it is a step further in the customer experience. Social networks help improve direct contact with the company; such that satisfies a specific need at a time that can be crucial to encourage conversion, maintain customer retention and achieve long-term loyalty.

To ensure adequate attention to the client, a swift response is crucial, the speed of response is what will make you stand out from the rest and give your business the competitive advantage. 82% of the customer believes that the speed at the time of providing a useful and effective response is the key to improving the customer experience factor. To achieve this goal, social networks pose a really effective tool.
According to data collected by Marketingquery on small business and social customer service, 80% of customers would demand some kind of help or support when completing their online purchase. On the other hand, 70% say they will continue to make business with those companies as long as they have been concerned in solving their problems appropriately.

But for 60% of brands, the main function of social networks remains a marketing tool, not to exploit its potential as a way to connect more directly and effectively with customer’s forms. However, 60% of companies said that the customer can differentiate themselves and from the competition when they receive a personalized experience when it comes to the service they receive in social media. Meanwhile, 55% estimated that in 2020, the cornerstone of business will be to focus on ensuring a fully satisfying customer experience.

Digital and Social Strategy

When using social networks as a way to improve customer service, remember that consistency and professionalism are the two most important factors that come into play, this means a very different set of skills apply to develop a marketing strategy that is required to be successful.
Thus, while from a marketing standpoint, it is necessary to summon creativity, analytical skills, and mastery of technology or have a good marketing strategy; to ensure a positive customer experience through digital channels, it is necessary to show actual service vocation, have patience, empathy and ability to solve problems. Above all, having a good knowledge of the company and its products or services will facilitate the task of achieving a positive customer experience.

Similarly, the target cannot be the same. While a marketing strategy pursues customer impact, and increase brand awareness; the customer-centric strategy should aim at improving their satisfaction with the company, achieving customer retention, build customer loyalty and reach.

Despite having different objectives, they do agree on the use of some tools and techniques, such as social monitoring, or to have a general control panel. Instead, the customer needs a social CRM, and access to historical customer. Meanwhile, digital marketing would not be effective without the analytical, or content marketing actions.

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