Small Business Strategy to Selling in Social Networks

How small business can sell more thanks to Social Networks?

There are numerous ways to improve sales through social networks, though small businesses need to have a clear strategy when approaching these networks and make sure they are consistent.

Promoting interaction with users, offer deals and discounts and measure the actions, are some of the keys to improve sales in social networks.

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Social networks have become a very effective tool for small business and brands that are increasingly present in them. But do these efforts translate directly into sales? The truth is that the rate of conversion of these platforms is usually very low for most companies, mainly because they don’t take the appropriate steps. We analyse what efforts should be taken:

Build relationships

The trend that more companies are launching into social networks and hope that, by magic, the sales index increase is a very common one. One thing is four sure though, sales through these channels need time and small business need to be patient and establish the right relationships and dialogue. To do this, begin to build relationships with potential customers and, from them, induce these to participate in publications that your businesses conduct on social networks.

Define your target audience

Today the majority of users interacting in a social network are difficult to filter. However, by no means companies must be present on any platform. On the contrary, it should be clear where is the target audience that you are going and, once it is located, act accordingly. Similarly, a small business has to analyse what makes of the direct competition in their social networks and, from time to time, renew these searches, as customers are not static, but changing regularly.

Help of technological tools

When developing a brand presence in social networks, it is interesting to note the tools that the network provides, which allow to diffuse from a posting on Facebook, to schedule multiple platforms, such as, blogs and publications on mobile devices. Most of them are very easy to manage, so they are especially interesting to meet customers of mobile devices and interact with them.

Testing again and again

Whenever a strategy is initiated, whether this takes place in social networks or other media, tests must be carried out to find out whether it is effective or it is counterproductive. In this regard, it is important to verify the effectiveness of publications, so one must ensure that there are no technical problems, or these problems are solved. To do this, nothing better to consult with at least three external views, but an entrepreneur or small business owner does not need to go far to find them: with family, friends and relatives will suffice. But what indicators should they analyse? Mainly those related to the purchase process, mail reminder purchase of the acquisitions made, and the terms of payment.

Create great social deals

The generation of offers and discounts and overall promotions in social networks for a limited time helps users to make decisions are generate significant efforts among consumers. In this sense, we must consider both the message, as typography, colours and images that are used in publications, as only in this way it is achieved not only to capture the attention of users, but the contents that can go viral and shared as many times as possible by these.

Be proactive

Customers like to be heard, and consumers today valued as anything the opinions of other users. That is why brands should be active in social networks, promote consumer participation in their pages, and develop as many positive comments towards them. Given the potential for entrainment of these tools, branding and sales will grow like wildfire if one takes into account (and care) for this indicator.

Promote brand loyalty

Once a customer is achieved, loyalty has to be promoted in these networks by the company. So, should offer special discounts and deals only through social platforms, and not elsewhere, with the aim of generating continue shopping in these platforms and promoting their contacts to do so. That is why we must maintain contact with clients after sale, ensuring that for us customers are the most important.

Measuring actions

It is useless to conduct a social media strategy if the data analyst is not measuring its effects. It is therefore important to consider both the performance of social media marketing campaigns as all sales, and conversions. Adobe Digital Marketing, Google Analytics and Bluefin Labs are good tools in this regard. A set of initiatives that will improve the company’s performance in these environments, allowing correct those indicators that do not have a high performance or ROI according to the objectives and sought performance.

Small business can really boost sales in social media, though they need to have a consistent and regular interaction in these platforms, and establish a real community that engages with the brand.

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