SEO Tips to increase traffic

After setting up your own blog, the daunting task of achieving visitors becomes apparent. Getting a sizeable number of visitors, page views and comments is not an easy task, but with work and dedication it is possible to achieve. It cannot be done overnight, but with some help, and having some clear SEO tips to increase traffic, you can achieve good results faster.

SEO Tiips to Increase TrafficWrite often:

Unless you have many friends and acquaintances willing to read everything you write, until you get a steady public, most visitors come from referrals and search engines, the latter, and especially Google give priority in their positions to blogs that are updated frequently,  ideally every day, if not possible a couple of times a week is fine.  Content is one of the most important SEO tips to increase traffic, since your audience will keep coming back for more.

Use social networks

Share your post on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), we could write a whole chapter on this point alone, the popularity of social networks is growing rapidly, you should use it every day and it is a good channel to connect with your audience and attract more visitors to your website.

When you share an article, do not just copy and paste it on your wall or on Twitter, make a statement, or add a few lines to what best describe the content of the link you are sharing.  Use enticing and original titles for your shares, this will spark the interest of the users to click on it to learn more. In addition to the new modes of Google articles most “Like” on Facebook or with more comments on the walls, RT on Twitter and / or Google +1, will be better positioned for the search engines.
There are a huge bunch of social networks you can use. You can also use Google reader, Stumble Upon, Digg, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc..

You can take advantage of social networks and use photos, images and videos. Use photos, images and videos of good quality and preferably your own. They generate comments and shares, so this will increase the awareness of your blog and hence your visitors. This will undoubtedly increase your traffic and better your SEO.
Use keywords and SEO positioning techniques.

SEO KeywordsTry to insert a few keywords that are relevant to your website in the tittle and throughout the article.  The keywords used should indicate the purpose of the article, and should be included naturally without jeopardizing the flow of the text.  Do not fall in the mistake of keyword stuffing though; Google will penalize your website if you abuse the system and use an excessive repetition of the keywords.

Place your chosen keyword in the section tags or labels of your blog; and make your articles more appealing to the reader with the use of underlined keywords and bold sentences.  Comment on other blogs, forums, communities: Participate, contribute, share and comment on other blogs, so others can know your views and knowledge, as well as, the opportunity you have to leave a link in each comment.

Create a Blogroll

Exchanges with other similar bloggers as your own it is important. Search Engines what you to share content and to share links and credit to who deserves it. Your link to a blog with a large audience is very beneficial against search engines.

Engage with your audience.

Your blog is nothing without an audience which reads and shares your content, commit to it, answers your comments, generate content that meets what they expect to find on your blog. Besides this, you can use Google Analytics, or other statistics measuring system, so as to find out from where the majority of your traffic comes from, and what your most read articles are. You can create a survey to know what your readers think of your blog.

Create original and good quality content.

Practically there are more blogs that people in the world, your blog should stand out somehow, and have some personality of its own. Think of it like an extension of yourself, your plot versus the world.

Take your time and create content that shows respect for what you, seek originality, passion, create content without spelling errors. For the days that you are short of inspiration, you can use content from other sites, but always mention the source link, not abuse of this though; Google penalizes this method because of blogs with little original content.

Use the “Hot Topics” and create a list of subscribers by mail.

Twitter has a list of “hot topics” or “trending topics” that is constantly updated and Google also called it “trends” or “trends”. Take advantage of this traffic, find out what sort of keywords they are searching for, and generate words, including them in your articles.

And last but not least, create a list of email subscribers and visitors who were perhaps occasionally recurrent, they might want to become followers and receive updates from your blog. Send them an email to sign up to your list, and receive updates from your blog via email.

Extra Tip: patience and perseverance is important to gain exposure and increase the traffic to your website.

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