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A few months ago, Google as a company decided to publish in his tutorial videos, one in particular, which shares the 10 key points to consider when improving the SEO of any site. While this information is for new or small sites, that do not exceed 50 pages or different sections, it is useful  as well in order to understand what are the main factors that a company  should be using  for positioning.

Below we will point out one by one some SEO Tips from Google to improve SEO and your positioning:

SEO Tips form Google to improve SEO1 – When using the tools available in Google’s Webmaster, it is most important  to enable e-mail forwarding.  With this element enabled, Google will send emails regularly to check the authorship of your site and in turn will inform you of any kind of problem that can be generated in the website. For example, if you cannot access your website, if you’re hosting dangerous content, some sort of malware or virus, bugs or broken links, etc. Google will alert you, so you can fix it as quickly as possible, and in turn the search engine will verify that you are the righgtful owner of the medium.

2 – It is also important to know what the history of the domain you have decided to use. A simple way is to go back to webmaster tools, which are available and investigate the available search keywords. If these terms are irrelevant to your niche market, eventually there might be a difficult positioning. Once you’ve edited your keywords for positioning purposes, the company recommends using the option Domain Tools (tools domain), and do a search with your new domain for past releases. Just in case that there were previously linked to a spammer site, which it is not properly positioned in Google. If so, you should make a petition for reconsideration (reconsideration request).

3 – It is essential to use statistical analysis programs, in order to study the behavior of your user navigation and to optimize your site periodically. Obviously, in the video they recommend the use of Google Analytics.

4 – Use the “Fetch as Googlebot” (“Catch” or “Look” as a Google search robot) is very important when making changes, and that by incorporating the URL to the tool, this will tell us if redirects correctly to the search robots, and what information is downloaded by them. This way you will know what kind of data is used for positioning. In turn, you will be automatically indexing all the changes made to your website, and they will therefore be available for search immediately.

SEO Tips for online positioning5 – As important as all the above points are, it is the design of your site where the key is for optimal optimisation. This is the best Google SEO tips to improve positioning.  It must be easy to navigate, fast and well organized for the communication with the user to run smoothly. When evaluating the design of your site, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is my site easy to navigate? Is it easy to find the necessary information? Is the content well organized?

6 – Insert possibilities of action, call to action relevant to the content. In order to optimize the conversion rate it is important that the actions are related to share publications. Thus,  adherence to Newsletters offers on one page, join social networks and sell other services in the specific sections is a smart way to manage possible actions and build a social community presence.

SEO Tips for Online Optimisation7 – At the time of administering the sections of your blog or website, it is important that each of them have a name and description (Meta description) only. In this way we will be changing our website “friendly” to search engines. You will have a search engine friendly website in the eyes of the search engines. Besides this, edit the names of all the files you use on the site, to relate to the topic: For example, if you use an image, change it to a name related to the content and use alt image attributes.

8 – Never engage on fraudulent link building in order to achieve quick link popularity.  These are often associated with different long-term spam and will backfire your efforts.

9 – Do not hire positioning services that ensure immediate positioning in the top positions. These companies typically use fraudulent methods (Black-hat SEO) which over time are detected and penalized by the search engines.

10 – And finally, an important point to consider is the time it takes your site to load. Studies show that the tolerance time is 2 seconds. So if your site exceeds this time, it is very likely that the user does not get to read your content.

Undoubtedly, Google recognizes the importance of their service and legitimacy from such publications, but for those who are beginning to learn SEO, and also for the more experienced, these tips are useful for optimizing our blogs.

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