Increase your rankings in Google Safely

Anyone who has a website wants it to have the best possible positioning in Google, along with the best rankings from other search engines as well. It is not easy to get a high position in the search without hard work behind the scenes. Yet it is possible to increase your positions following some useful and helpful SEO tips and resources, which will give you a clear idea of the kind of work that needs to be undertaken to raise awareness of your website, and get noticed in the search engines.

How to Increase your Google Rankings

It is not known exactly how to get a good position in the rankings of search engines. This is because search engines like Google use an algorithmic formula to position sites, and nobody knows what that formula is.
Increase your rankings in Google for the long termGoogle also changes the formula very often, along with Penguin and Panda Updates and Google Pr Updates. However, there are some relevancy factors which are known to the community, that have proven to help websites increase their rankings. There are some important criteria used by Google, and if you concentrate on these factors, your websites will certainly improve their positions in search rankings for the keywords you are working on.
Bear in mind that it is fundamental to increase your rankings in Google safely, do it in a consistent manner to keep your rankings for the long-term and avoid being hit by Google.

Quality content

Your site must have good content and they must be all related to the keywords and audience you are targeting. Google will review your content to make sure your articles and body text are related. The more posts you have, the more you update the content regularly, the higher your position in searches. If your website has little content, or unrelated content, Google will punish you.

Back links

Relevant Backlinks-Quality not QuantityOne of the most important criteria that Google uses to rank websites is the number of links pointing to that site. These links are called back links.  The more back links you have, the better position you will have in the search.
Well, I should point out here, if it’s not about the number of links anymore; it is more about the relevancy of the back links of a website.
They should be relevant to your website and coming from trusted neighbors. It is more important the quality of the links you get than the quantity.

Google SEO: The time that visitors spend on your site

Another important factor for ranking well in search engines, and that it is often overlooked, is the amount of time that visitors spend on your site. If a visitor comes to your site and they immediately exit or leave, Google understands that the site is not good; your website will be seen as not offering value to the user, so it will go far down the ranking positions. It is fundamental to decrease your bounce rate by offering quality content and providing value to the user.


Use keywords and related keywords throughout your website. Your main and more important keywords should be used in the Title Tags and in the body text on your website. Try to use keyword steaming and strike a healthy balance in the use of those keywords, as keyword stuffing can be punishable by search engines too.  This SEO tips will help you increase your positions in search engines as long as you offer good and valuable information to your readers.


The longer your site has existed, has a better chance to rank better in the search engines. Google favors websites that had existed for a long time. The domain age is believed to have an impact on search engines.

There are more important steps you could take to improve Google rankings.  If you focus on the previous steps you will definitely have a long standing online marketing strategy for the future. You will be able to improve the position of your site in the rankings very quickly and in a more consistent way than using black hat SEO techniques. So, focus on these steps to improve your ranking in Google and you will see better and better results.


Jose is an avid business Blogger with a real passion for all things digital. He enjoys writing about the latest Business trends and successful business marketing strategies.


  1. Dan says:

    wow! Amazing advice here Jose! I do agree with you, in order to improve your ranking in Google safely it has to be done on a long-term basis.

  2. robbie says:

    Great! My rankings are not the best but I know I’m safe with Google Updates though.

  3. Ben says:

    Definitely consider what you said.Great piece of information. Thanks.