Google is killing Static Websites

Google and SEO

The continuous changes of Google to improve the search engine results offered has led to the decline of static websites. We have to forget the term “static website” if we want to appear in those top positions of the search engines.
The creation of fresh, unique and relevant content that adds value to the user is now more relevant than ever before, with the addition that it has to be done on a regular basis.

Google and SEO with Static WebsitesThe creation of a website with a good SEO strategy behind it can only continue to perform well and be in the top of the search engines for year only by creating relevant content and a relevant link building profile. Static websites survive without applying changes and improvements to suit the great search engine requirements, but they will not perform as well as opposed to those websites that are update regularly.

If you have a website, either in your business or hobby, and you’re worried about your SEO, we are sure that you will be aware of recent changes in the Google algorithm, and have noticed that increasingly occurs in a shorter space of time.
It appears that Google does not want that we rest on our laurels, and trust that if we achieved the number one for one of our keywords, we’ll always be the first without abandoning the SEO of our website.

SEO Objective:  Regular Content Creation

Google is the biggest search engine that exists today, and although not the only one, among the three current major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) takes the 74.71% of the market share. That is, Google has almost three quarters of the SEO business completely under their control.
Create Content RegularlySeeing these statistics, it is obvious to think that all our efforts, apart from exceptional cases, should focus on pleasing Google to get top position in those our website, and attract maximum visitors using this search engine.

This is why we must get a better planned strategy for this purpose, and there is no better way to seek advice from SEO experts, who have experience and can get the most out of our company’s presence on the Internet. Just remember, make your website valuable to the user, and stay away from a static website.
The ideal time to contact a SEO company is when we are designing the page. SEO strategies must be considered and organized even before the design of the page itself, in order to have a good organizational plan, with an eye on usability and SEO will ensure we have laid the groundwork to get the best positions and higher profits.

 SEO Positioning: Make the spiders work

The spiders or robots, are the elements that instruct the browser to visit each site indexed in Google, and trace it to find out if there have been changes to it since their last visit.

Once content is published, the search engines spiders or robots that crawl the entire Internet will index the new content created, they will know that this website exists and occasionally visit it to see if we have posted new content to be indexed in the search engines to update their databases.

One of the secrets we must bear in mind to improve, or maintain the SEO is that Google loves new content. If you regularly publish relevant content on the web, the spiders will visit more regularly and reevaluate y our pages, thus, improve positioning faster.

The blog, the great ally of SEO

Maybe you’re thinking it’s quite difficult to update your company page with new information every so often. Surely your products and services have not changed much since you started your business and your company’s physical address remains the same.
So how do you get new content published on our website to improve SEO? The answer is in the blog. Yes, a blog can be hosted on the same web address of your company, that for which you have no new information to be updated.
Publish articles with interesting content for your business sector, and the spiders will visit your website more frequently, thus updating the Google database, and achieving significant improvements in the positioning of your website.

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