FOBO, the new syndrome that grips teenagers worldwide

FOBO, short for (Fear of Being Offline) is the fear of losing some frantic online activity that happens around us; which leads us to be permanently connected.

This fear of running out of battery, do not have data rate, or access to a Wi-Fi connection, causes an unhealthy anxiety, which particularly affects teenagers and young adults. As recorded by the study published by Facebook, 70% of children under than 24 years need to be permanently connected, wherever you go.


Fear of Being Offline

How do they spend their time online these permanently connected users?

The study indicates that social networks account for much of this online activity, with 74% of respondents said that digital channels allow you to stay in touch with family and friends. This contact contributes to strengthening these relationships, even with their immediate environment. 65% of participants in the study claims that speak through social networking with those people they see every day. 54% of these young people routinely communicate online with friends.

This activity has inevitably degenerated into a situation of dependency on the social networks despite privacy concerns. This dependence varies depending on the country of residence of users; with 47% of young Americans report feeling lost without social networks; a percentage that rises to 69% in the case of Indonesia.

The proliferation of mobile devices has exacerbated the consequences of this addiction. Its ability to allow users to be constantly connected turns to frustration, to everyday problems as common as the discharge of the battery of the mobile device, or difficulties for the connection.

Given these problems to enjoy free access to the online activity, anxiety situations, namely FOBO arise. 70% of respondents say they need to stay connected wherever they go. 72% could not live without their mobile; while 60% prefer giving up television, before their smart device.

How can this behavior benefit brands?

Brands also have a place in the online world of youth. 53% of them would like that brands used social media to communicate with them. This does not imply any kind of communication but it has to be enriching. 72% of them expect brands to provide them with entertainning content.

Online channels occupy a prominent place as a source of information for young people, the main consumers of tomorrow. It is the place where they go to stay in touch with their friends, find information on what interests them, and as a means of entertainment.

For them, social networks provide the best means of communication. Already use in their environment, and hope to apply it in their relationship with brands. They have a need of being connected at all times and feel informed and up to date with their connections.

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