Combine email marketing and social networking to enhance effective communications

email marketing and social networking

No technical or marketing communication should be designed in isolation from other actions; on the contrary, all should be integrated into a common strategy that is supplemented by each other.

Easy to say, but sometimes putting it into practice can be difficult.

How to combine email marketing and social networking to enhance effective communications with the customer, and increase the return on the stock? Here you have four tactics to achieve this:

4 Ways of integrating email marketing and social networking

social email marketing

Send an emailing-posting to your LinkedIn group company

Your company manages a group on LinkedIn? Whether to reinforce the brand positioning, encourage networking, communicate with dealers or employees … Once the community has defined set targets, one of the options of the manager is the ability to send, once a week without cost, an invitation to all members of the group.
A message that arrives instantly to each participant, in which the issuer is the name of the group, and the signer, the group manager.

You can define the subject of the email and decide if it is active and prominent in the group discussion. And just like any other discussion, group members can share, recommend and comment on the content of the emails.

LinkedIn will not provide a mail open rate, but if the text contains links generated like or Hootsuite, you will be able to find clicks and calculate the CTR. And this will allow to be compared, in turn, to that obtained through other channels.

Turn your Twitter contacts into a database

What Twitter contacts in your database have profile and what’s their level of online influence? And more: are followers of your company profile on Twitter? The SocialBro Pro (paid) version allows you to find the import function by email. You can use it to a text file or Google Contacts: SocialBro will tell you who have Twitter profiles, their level of influence as Kred, if they follow your brand, etc. With the option to follow them, you can add to lists, send a tweet direct message … And so improve interaction with them.

Add a contact form the Facebook page

With the free app you can install Contact Tab on your Facebook page, a tab with contact details of the company, its location, its social media channels … and a contact form to send email and capture data.
Very simple to install, without any knowledge of programming.

Include social buttons on your emailing campaigns

It seems obvious, but sometimes forgotten: It is vital to include social buttons on emailing campaigns in order to increase your database, and encourage users to share content on social networks, including the content of emailing. In all likelihood this could go viral and increase the scope of the message.

do you know some other technique to integrate emailing and social networking?

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