E-mail marketing goes mobile

Smartphones have become the kings of the conversion for e-mail marketing. Most of the income of the shares of e-mail marketing comes from mobile devices, specifically the smartphones and tablets.

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There is no doubt that smartphones are a sales tool with untapped potential. Data from the latest e-commerce reports show their decisive role in the online marketing strategy.

E-mail marketing goes mobile

According to reports and the most current statistics, smartphones are responsible to report 26.7% of the benefits generated by the e-mail marketing. E-mails that are opened on the computer record only 20.9% of sales, results that are exceed even by tablets (23.1%).

This is the new milestone recorded by these intelligent terminals, which are still not firmly committed companies, in the sense that the responsive design is not yet fully implemented in the strategies of e-mail marketing. 42% of marketers do not use it for their shipments, and it goes down to only some isolated cases.

Based on the conclusions which collect several studies, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) represent at least half the traffic of online shops. Smartphones account for the highest percentage recorded directed to the sites (32.9% vs 22.5% of the tablets, and 21.3% of pc) traffic.

However, the conversion rate of these mobile visits is not as high as desirable. These devices are only capable of generating 18.2% of online sales; which represents a conversion rate of 1.4%. Also, the amount of these sales is 13% lower than the average, while both tablets and computer exceed 6% this figure.

This behaviour indicates that users make use of their smart terminal for information on what they are interested in buying, but finally decide to complete the process by other means.

Are marketers missing business opportunities are on mobile devices?

According to the results, it seems so. One of the main problems is the poor mobile optimization. There are strong indications that 68% of mobile traffic is not taken advantage of, due to poor optimization.

In the UK, 36% of major brand do not have a mobile-optimised site. Notably, this was the country where advertisers got the highest score in terms of responsive design. It is undoubtedly that the importance of multichannel platforms and having a fully functional and optimised mobile website is paramount for business and advertising purposes. In order for email marketing to be effective, brands must have their online activities to fit the mobile field and care for the user interaction in these devices resulting in a bigger conversion for email marketing campaigns.

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