E-book and White Paper

E-book and white paper: what is best for your marketing content?

Currently there are many resources that content marketing may be worth. From the classic blog posts to videos and info graphics, they all serve to convey a message, attract readers and implement content marketing for your company.
Among the resources listed above, there are two that, by their nature, are perfect to attract readers and make yourself known as an expert in your niche and create a database, these are the e-books and white papers.

At first glance it may appear to be the same but the truth is that each has its own characteristics and depends on the subject to develop which one to choose and how to develop.

What are they?

E-book and white paper

E-book and white paper

E-books are digital versions of a book, but today many are made ​​only to be released digitally. Its biggest advantage is that they have great distribution through stores like iTunes, Amazon, etc. and due to the increase of the tablets have become more accessible to read. Work best in a B2C market, there has been popularised its use in content marketing.

The white papers are documents in the form of guidance, especially designed to help readers solve a problem or understand a certain topic. Used as marketing tools work best in a B2B market. They are generally used to promote the solutions or products of a specific company, to generate good sales, establish leadership and educate consumers.

What they have in common?

Both are highly recommended ways to develop better content marketing. They allow you to be seen as a leader in your niche. Both are focused on solving a problem and to persuade the reader to reach the same conclusion.


They have short chapters and are designed for quick reading. Contain concepts, ideas and data. They are more visually appealing and the text can be organised in bullet points, numbers or lists.
Contain images. The language they use is more casual, like a conversation between equals.

White papers

Its area is extensive and regularly are made for deep, linear reading. They are based on data, usually in the form of research. They contain lots of text and the language is formal.
Before deciding which one to use in your content marketing strategy, analyse if your information requires great detail, tables, data, or if the subject is visual, just so you can decide which one best suits the theme to develop.

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