How Does Direct Mail Compare to Email Marketing

Each medium has its for’s and against. It can be very difficult to decide which marketing path your business suits. Below is a list comparing the pros and cons of direct mail marketing and email marketing?

Email Marketing

Email is fast and in your face; you get your message out to loads of people at the same time in a matter of seconds. Thirdly and importantly, is the fact that email marketing gives your leads the opportunity for an immediate action. If you offer a special promotion your email readers will be able to take advantage of that promotion there and then by hitting reply or clicking on a link.

Many argue that people/buyers of your product or service are less receptive to emails because they are constantly overloaded and bombarded with “spam”, and I’m not talking about the edible type. I’m sure your emails have once been classified as spam themselves, to this end, most companies IT department choose to use an email marketing company to conduct the campaign on their behalf – these companies are able to get through the spam blocks so that your message is received and read. Your email campaigns must be short and to the point; reason being internet users often have a very limited attention span which needs to be quenched immediately. In today’s climate, the mobile market means you have to be even quicker with this “Call to action”. This means if your email doesn’t catch their attention right away, it probably won’t have much impact at all, in the end being deleted without a second thought.

Direct Mail

Direct mail gives you more time as consumers are much more likely to read an entire letter delivered by mail or door to door than one delivered by email. Direct mail campaigns can be more detailed than those delivered by email. As more companies try the email marketing route, there is more space for mailings and less competition, for your mailer/offer. Fewer pieces of mail mean a higher chance that your direct mail piece will be read, which is what it’s all about isn’t it?

The downside to direct mail is that it can be expensive if you don’t target the right audience properly, and use a great mailing house that will save you time and money. Direct mail requires more time, which means that responses won’t be immediate. They’ll need to be followed up with another mailing or telephone call i.e. did you receive our mailing?

In the end, I liken both marketing mediums to a crossbow or shotgun as one is direct, whereas the other covers a larger area. To this end why not use both mediums hand in hand as each strategy accommodates for the other’s shortcomings? If clever about your marketing, it could be that direct mail and email is a marketing match made in heaven, and different to most of your competitors marketing strategies.