Create a powerful LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn now has over 364 million users in 200 countries and territories around the world: it is the largest database of professionals in the world. In the UK, more than fifteen million people have a presence on LinkedIn: the increase has been exponential in recent years, spurred in part by the economic crisis and the need to seek employment, and partly by the growing awareness of the importance of this social platform for the creation of personal branding, lead generation and professional projection.

Create a powerful LinkedIn profile

Being active in LinkedIn (and maintain this activity properly), provides access to business opportunities, it helps to be aware of relevant information, helping to position ourselves in our sector and serves to defend our digital identity against possible impersonation. It is not only completing a resume online: Today goes far beyond.

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Now, how do you create a powerful LinkedIn profile, and optimally manage it?

Complete your experience

Do not settle for just review what job you have occupied: explains in describing what your duties and main tasks were. Detail the awards and projects. Have you received a special mention in your sector? Have you led, inside or outside your company, a professional project?

Preferably, demonstrate your experience with audio-visual content. LinkedIn allows enriching each section of the profile with additional documents: videos, pdf, images…. Take the opportunity to add videos presentation, documentation papers you’ve made, white papers where you’ve worked, and so on.

Review skills and knowledge

They shall enhance your appearance in search of LinkedIn Network, and will also serve to make your LinkedIn contacts validate and corroborate them well, which actually are specialist in matters that you indicate. And nothing better than having recommendations and endorsements, this builds trust.

Be careful with the recommendations. Not just who you recommend, but also who have recommended you, and in what capacity. Ideally, that you recommend people constitute a “360” from your professional activity, and that the content of its recommendation is complementary.

Prepare a profile in other languages ​​(if needed). Just go to the menu “View Profile” and click “Create Profile in other languages”. If you develop your activity in an international or multicultural context, it is essential. This will allow you to create a powerful LinkedIn profile.

Share updates on your profile

Select publishers for relevant information about your industry, current, discover trends; help you position yourself as an expert in your activity.

Do you have a blog or generate your own content? This is your broadcast platform. Keep in mind that LinkedIn allows to write posts directly from the profile, without external content linking. Also interact with your contact: recommended updates and comments of others.

Compose a powerful Resume

It will be your “letter” of recommendation for everyone who lands on your profile. Build an extract that helps them discover how you are, how you work, what motivates you, what are your goals and skills and what you do to your profession.
Do not forget to include in the text keywords by which want to be found in searches LinkedIn … but write thinking about the people who are going to read, no the machines.

Participate in groups

You can join up to 50, choose the ones that best suit your business, and decide if you want to display the icon in your profile.

How to participate in LinkedIn groups? First, listen: Read others generate debates, analyse the tone of the talks, and watch the relationships in the group. Then start commenting on discussions outside: it will serve to begin to let them know you.

Always provide interesting and useful content for members of the community, this will help to position yourself as a specialist in the field.

Customize the URL of your public profile

If possible, your name and surname. Just click on the gear icon next to the URL of your profile and it will appear in the right column menu URL customisation. Why is this important? To facilitate the seek by name, not just in LinkedIn but across Google, finding your profile page, with the information that you have decided to show. Ultimately, this allows your LinkedIn profile to be positioned very well in Google.

Select a suitable photo

Preferably, a close up with neutral background: forget about that memorable photo on the beach vacation, or that widescreen flat with beautiful scenery but where your face is recognised.
And remember to check in your privacy control that you have activated your profile picture as being public for all: in many cases profiles are is misconfigured.

Add a cover image / header

Will serve to strengthen your personal brand: It may be related to your field of activity, be inspirational or promote your latest professional achievement. This will help your business and career outlook for sure. Do not miss the opportunity!

Build your network of contacts

Do not focus too much on size, but the quality of you contacts. Do not dedicate to add contacts right and left: they serve to improve your ego, but your professional environment. Look for professional contacts that can help you develop new business opportunities.

Do you have blog? ‘Profile on Twitter? What is your company’s website? Also decide if you want to publish your phone.

Periodically check your analytics profile

In the “Who’s viewed your profile” you can check how many people have been viewing your profile in the last 90 days, by which route they found your profile with which keywords you have been identified with, in which companies they work, etc. We will analyse your visibility, improve your digital identity, and improve your business and professional opportunities.

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