Corporate Blogs help Business Rankings

The potential and the powerful influence of corporate blogs on Business rankings online can be a real factor.  Despite the rise of social networks, corporate blogs are definitely a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Although his death has been repeatedly announced, the fact is that Blogs are still one of the most powerful tools in the content marketing strategy. Keep it clear, Blogs are not dead! Corporate Blogs can be powerful and exert real influence in readers, not only as a marketing tool, but also as a means of consumer behavior and up to date news.

Undoubtedly, the adoption of new platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and mobile applications has been increasing at the expense of the blogs, or other platforms. Many active bloggers changed their habits and stopped writing while increasing their time and activity on social networks.
However, we should take a break and ask some questions. In the new era of social media, content is still the king and while social media can be an excellent channel to share information or create direct links and relationships with fans and followers of brands and companies, blogs continue to have wide acceptance among online consumers.

Corporate Blogs for Business

Corporate Blogs are a powerful tool for Business

Some studies offer us significant data, such that companies holding a corporate blog have 97% more acceptance, and a 55% increase in visits to their sites. The 37% of advertisers agree in saying that blogs offer more value for online marketing.  And that’s what users are looking for! It is not information t without content, but valuable information for the reader. Thus, blogs offer the company a much larger number of visits and therefore a wider range of readers. Corporate blogs have a 63% greater influence in decision-making, more than the magazines buyers.

Corporate Blogs are definitely a powerful marketing tool for businesses. And not only that, also remain a great source of reference when it comes to information for consumers, of which a large part says that after having visited the corporate blog, its content was decisive and influential in some of their purchasing decisions.
Customers are actively seeking information about products that interest them. In this sense, blogs are emerging as a source of reliable information for consumers when deciding to buy a product. Technorati’s latest report on Digital Influence emphasizes that 1 out of 3 customers (31%) resorted to blogging before they make a purchase.

The power of influence

Highlights the fact that it is a figure very similar to the influence that record web own brands (34%). The report places blogs ranked third in order of influence, only behind the online stores (56%) and corporate websites, and it undoubtedly highlighting its importance over social networks.
Bloggers are considered impartially when they recommend the products or services that include in their posts. They are given a character of honesty to their comments and suggestions, which typically include both positive and negative aspects of the product.
Therefore, they are a source worthy of being taken into account by consumers when stakeholders know the features and benefits of a product and finally decide to buy.

Most influencers have its own blog

Social Influencers

The 86% of influencers blogging for himself. Moreover, 59% not published in foreign media. This provides companies the task of identifying who are their influencers, although it is challenging to reach them, and to draw attention to their products. Marketers are particularly interested in mastering the art of blogging, 62% of respondents would like to know more about everything related to blogging. A response, that is slightly above their need to control Google, the new but increasingly important social network.
The key to this interest is the great power of blogging to reach a large audience, a potential that brands cannot, or do not want to miss. It should also be noted that only 28% of marketers have a mobile-optimized blog, indicating the urgent need to learn how to make the most out of this medium.

Blogging is very valued by online marketing professionals

An overwhelming 49% of surveyed marketers bet on Facebook as the main tool to reach their audience. Third place in this ranking are blogs (14%), a short distance from LinkedIn (16%) and ahead of Twitter (12%). However, if we focus on the response of professionals with over 3 years’ experience in social channels, the blog would occupy the second place. Let us never lose sight of the plus of experience, and this means changing the experience provides a broader perspective needed in the sector.
Only 1 in 4 marketers can measure the ROI in Social Media. A sad reality, that tarnishes the credibility of this medium. When measuring the effectiveness of their actions, most focus on the number of Likes, new followers, or social media mentions. This is the great challenge for brands, which should be careful to analyze the metrics that we report the different social networks and tools and try to translate into sales.

2 out of 3 marketers doubt the effectiveness of Facebook

Believe it or not, even though Facebook is  the preferred social network for marketers, on average only 37% say categorically that their strategy in this network is truly effective. This perception is exacerbated in the case of B2B, where only 29% bet on this social networks to target their efforts. But if we speak of B2C, 44% argued that their actions meet the desired objectives. These results do not imply that Facebook is not an effective way to develop your social marketing strategy, but they would probably not have made the appropriate measurement, as indicated in the previous section.

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  1. laura says:

    Corporate blogging has been helping businesses with their rankings. I feel that much more needs to be done on this area though, as big brands don’t tend to go down this road.