Capture the attention on Twitter

The main aim of any twitter brand is to have their content shared. In order for this to happen they have to improve the click-ability of their content and make it more shareable. If you want more re-tweets, your tweets and your followers to click on your links, follow the recommendations we provide on this entry.

Ways to Capture the Attention on Twitter

The behaviour of Tweeter Users-Capture Their Attention

The only way to get the attention on Twitter is by publishing content of interest. Unless you’re a celebrity (and in that case, whatever you do you will have thousands of adoring fans) you have to handle tweet well.
Twitter is a good place to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think. Having many followers is fantastic, but that just does not work if you want to compare with other companies (if they talk business) and if your followers are not sharing or reading your content.

In that case, we must also assess other parameters such as the number of re-tweets (for example) which your tweets receive. That participation rate in your Twitter account (which is called “engagement”) could be as simple as the percentage obtained by dividing the number of your followers, and the number of re-tweets received in one month. But we could also complicate the equations, including clicks per month that your tweets triggered (in their links) and the average of cost per click (an estimate based on the profits produced by the traffic that leads to your website).
Effective Tweets to grab attentionIn short, you should catch the attention and interest of your followers by maximum interaction from your followers.

The purpose is to achieve a higher percentage of clicks for your tweets, and there are some factors that play an important role on making your tweets more clickable, such as, enticing titles and calls to action that provoke interaction.
The interaction of a tweet can increase dramatically; the conversion rate has reported to have the potential to increase by 79%, simply by following some enticing rules

Effective Tweets

Tweets that help us to grab the attention of our followers are an effective tweet.

Make sure your Tweets follow a pattern of the following:

  • The tweet is useful to the reader and they will be interested in reading it.
  • Feed the curiosity of the follower, arouse somebody’s curiosity =make people want to know about something.
  • Ask questions in a concise and attractive way your readers will be willing to answer your question and hence interact.
  • Calls to Action are really effective. Invite your audience to take part in something. Messages to groups of people. Fans that are identified as recipients of the message are more likely to click. For example: to those who like crime fiction should read this.
  • Use the breaking news tactic. If you tweet something new and original, your tweets will have much more relevance.
  • The info graphics technique. Tweets and info graphic has an 82% more re-tweets that images and articles.
  • Tips, tricks and tutorials. Those kinds of tweets are always welcome.

Make your Tweets more Effective by knowing how others interact.




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  1. noemy says:

    It is really importand to catch the attention on twitter. I think that the titles of your tweets shoud be the first thing to focus on as they make them more enticing to share.
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    Thanks for the article. It is really important to develop our social media strategy and this will help.