5 Benefits of Google AdWords

Google Ad Words is a PPC advertising or pay per click advertising that was created by Google in early 2000. Since then, thousands of people and businesses have created highly effective advertising campaigns allowing them to generate revenue, and selling a number of products and services through the web and search engines.

Advantages of Google ad words

Although AdWords is not as new as we might imagine, many people are still unaware of the advantages that this system can bring to their businesses. That’s why we share this with you, offering some advantages that AdWords brings to advertisers:

Measurement and analysis

Unlike other advertising systems, with Google AdWords you can measure and know exactly when you are generating your investment and ROI. You know for sure that keywords are the announcements and initiatives you are working. Allowing constantly optimisation of your campaigns and get more results (conversions) over time.

Google Adwords

Pay per click

As perhaps you know, with AdWords you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad. Unlike other types of ads such as banners CPM or income, usually people who click are interested in what you have to offer.  Goodbye to the days when you paid a lot for advertising that your potential customers couldn’t see!

No wins for the highest payers

You might think that? Advertisers who pay the most Google are those who get the best locations, rankings, and are the ones who have more exposure right? Well let me tell you that this does not exactly apply to AdWords:

The advertiser who does a better job in a matter of relevance and quality in relation to the user experience, it is almost always the one who gets the best positions and the best results . Factors such as, the level of quality that make Google AdWords offer further information, that will be of real value to people. This makes AdWords one of the system most effective in direct marketing today.

Maximum Relevance

Another great advantage of AdWords is that you can make your ads highly relevant, and to only be shown to people who are looking for something very related to what you’re offering. You can choose which keywords you want your ad copy to have, and that way attract high relevant targeted traffic which is already interested in what you are offering.
The more relevant your ad is, including the keywords that searches would type in the search engines, the better the results you will achieve with your campaing, as the click through rate will be high, and the conversion will follow.

Speed of Google Adwords

With Google AdWords you can have your first visitors and buyers sometimes within hours. You can create your campaigns and ads so that your prospects can view them quickly without having to wait days or a number of processes.
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  1. laura says:

    Nice artilce as usual! Adwords is extemely beneficial for some business, especially those which do not rank high in the search engines.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for this article. I am relatively new to adwords but it certainly helped me to bring traffic to my business.